Friday, June 10, 2005

Women and Tools!

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The DESK...

Apparently for years there’s been this preconceived notion that women merely belong in the kitchen, I however believe differently! You see, we women may have the inherent ability to cook and clean, yet we also have this intrinsic talent to take on any task and get it done, EVEN if it involves many parts and tools we’ve never used before! So the other night my friend and I decided to put her desk together, this isn’t any ordinary desk, this is a huge L shaped desk with many parts and three glass tops, and I tell you what, we laid all those parts out and got down to business! So I dedicate this Blog to all the women out there who took on a so called “man’s task” and got the job done! Isn’t it a beauty?!


Blogger Eric said...

who ever said putting stuff together was a "man's task"...if i don't have someone to decipher those ever so clear directions...i might as well just keep it in the box

7:25 AM  

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