Wednesday, April 20, 2005

“Eat Fresh” MY ASS!!

Okay so last night I decide hey, I’ll run by Subway after working out and tanning, no big deal right?! ONLY not so much! Seeing as this Subway is in a nice part of town around other well kept establishments, I’ve been there before (haven’t had the best of service) but that comes with any restaurants nowadays, I figured things would be fine…in and out, no worries. All I wanted was a foot long sandwich! A six inch for then and the other half for lunch today! Anyway, I walk in and there’s a short line and two people working. I kid you not, I seriously kid you not!!!! This crack head looking lady with dykish short nasty hair, a completely filthy hat, coughing and sneezing all over the damn place is waiting on people, and to top off her quality look…she has freaking HUGE hickies on her neck! Who in their right mind would go sucking on that freak?! Okay, I know that’s a little harsh but come on, have some tact for crying out loud! The other guy working there didn’t say much, he wasn’t too sanitary himself, but he wasn’t the root of my anger or disgust. See, this girl has been working at this Subway now for almost half a year and apparently she still has a job, not after I’m finished with Subway corporate and the Town of Addison. Its one thing to wake up late, look a little sloppy, may not look completely ready to be working for the day, but I draw the line when it comes to complete lack of care, you’re working with food for heavens sake!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Surreal Truths Cont.

The Surreal Truths Cont…

So it’s been a while…you see, I tossed and turned over the fact that I let the whole world know that I’m a walking schizoid freak!!! I’m so kidding! Just to update you, sorry for my temporary absence, I know you all missed my inspiring thoughts and random bouts of wisdom. It’s not that I had a mere lack of enthusiasm to write, it’s that well how do I put this…I was undergoing extensive observation. Apparently when my site was read by some over analytical so called “psychiatrist,” I was “red flagged” as a threat to society. What the hell does that mean?! My bad, didn’t mean to share my stories about little green men coming after me, and my crazy thoughts about them being in love with me. I mean, it’s not like they were true, right?! I mean other than the fact you were all there with me…so anyway, when they realized I was just a “Lifetime” weekend special in the making I so began my debut as an Actress. After realizing I had no talent, I was fired, and so here I be…back in Dallas, working yet again! ALSO… good news, my tragic life with the horrible zit is practically over! FINALLY!!!!! Still peeing all the time, but other than that, life is back to normal…but wait… I don’t want to be normal!!!!! Oh well… The Surreal Truths, another Lifetime event coming to you soon!!!!!