Friday, April 29, 2005

What's Your Strain?

How can something as simple as “The Orange” create such a stir at the grocery store?! I’ll tell you what it is, and I can’t stand it, its anything from competitive markets to the latest “hip diet!” Scenario: It’s a Saturday morning and you’re making breakfast for yourself, family, loved ones, who cares. You realize you’re out of Orange Juice, you’re like, “I’ll run to the market real quick and grab a carton and be home soon.” Is it ever that easy? Of course not! Not only is the OJ in the back of the store along with the Milk (don’t even get me started on that) but now there’s the saga of “which OJ do I buy!” It’s orange juice for crying out loud! I mean, it’s bad enough that there are like a million different brands of OJ to choose from, now they go and complicate the whole decision making process by adding all sorts of stuff into the mix! We’ve got: No pulp, low pulp, High pulp, low carb, and low cal. And of course they have to go and make various “flavors of OJ,” I mean come on, a ‘simple, quick trip” to the store has now become this nuisance of never ending “what ifs!” Personally I prefer Pulp, but do I want low, or high? Which brand? Which flavor? You see, it’s all so complicated!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Cellular Malfunctions

It has become quite apparent that my cell phone royally sucks! I have known for a while that the phone wasn’t the greatest but now I know it officially ranks #1 amongst the worst cell phones I have ever owned! I personally would like to blame Siemens (my cell phone manufacturer), along with once “ATT” now “Cingular.” However, I find it difficult to blame either company seeing as me, the owner of this ‘quality phone’ lacks the ability to provide proper care. It’d be easy to say that the manufacturer of the phone sent me a broken phone, but that’s not the case. I got it over a year ago in a pretty enclosed package. So here goes the life of my phone…I tend to drop the poor thing at least twice a day, I don’t think Siemens will let me send the phone in for repair seeing as I think they can detect any damage, let alone water damage…Do you think the reason my phone has such issues is because it was dropped in a toilet last August??? Possibly? At any rate, I am having a hard time understanding why my friends get so upset when my phone randomly drops calls, doesn’t receive calls, texts, and doesn’t send texts even though it says “sent.” To top it off, my phone likes to randomly call people, ironically it’s when I’m typically having a rather interesting conversation, or even better when I’m belting out random songs while driving down the road. Either way, please, friends of mine, don’t hate me because my communication device sucks, if anything, I feel this is your opportunity to donate to the “Angie needs a better phone fund.” RIGHT?! LOL….in all actuality I do feel bad though, so this is my apology! Talk to you soon…...right??