Thursday, May 05, 2005

MAVS GAME 6, We're bringing HOME THE WIN!

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Better be seeing a lot of this tonight! HOLLA! We got Dirk and Terry, Daniels and Mike, just to name a few who came to fight. The Dallas Mavs are back and they're ganna do it again, they're ganna take game SIX and bring home the win! 8:30PM!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Has Drivers Ed failed us all?!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like not one single driver on the road knows where they’re going or how to drive?! I swear to you, Saturday was one of those days! You see, I live literally 4.2 miles from work; my commute shouldn’t be long, or stressful! I decided to come in on Saturday to catch up on some hrs and work, I kid you not, I thought I was going to be involved in some fatal accident. Within two blocks some idiot literally pulls out in front of me, then this other car was swerving and couldn’t decide on a lane, then just went from the left lane all the way to the right, literally a few yards from the stoplight and slammed on his breaks and then turned almost getting hit by oncoming traffic. After finally making it to work unharmed I figured it was just a fluke and that I was on the road at a bad time… Oh no, as the days events toiled onward it got worse and worse! I have officially decided that Beltline is a death trap! People literally do not know how to drive; it’s simple, stay in your lane, use proper signaling, and by God, learn to just drive. Dallas drivers no lie deserves to be branded with the title of “worst drivers in America!” I hate to say it but its true!