Friday, August 05, 2005

Randomest Thought YET! I love Cardboard!

It’s been a while since I’ve blessed you guys with my thoughts so here goes…
So I’m sitting at work pondering life, love and the pursuit of happiness when it donned on me. There are more important things than worrying about perfecting the quality of my life, love and by far the pursuit of happiness. Rather I realized that indeed would it be so incredibly awesome to have a cardboard standup of myself. I looked over and in my coworkers office stands Wayne Gretzky, and over yonder stands Michael Jordan. As they gaze upon me I realize that yes, truly do I want to be on a piece of cardboard. I mean think about it, think about the possibilities. There are so many uses: when you don’t want to smile in a photo you can have your stand in, when you don’t really want to go on a date you can have your cardboard friend go in your place. I mean how much better could it get? Not only do you have a filler for yourself, but your are mobile and light weight, you can go anywhere, and you could have your friends made into them too, how awesome is that?! You and your friends could have a party without even actually being there physically. My vote: Cardboard city! Who’s in, or am I just a little crazy?!